Savannah Georgia Arts & Culture

Savannah is home to a very vibrant arts & cultural scene. Keep checking The Official Savannah Guide for more details.

Savannah Film Festival

The Savannah Film Festival and All Its Glory

During its 15 years, The Savannah Film Festival has been known for both its innovation and inspiration. We invite you to look back at the history of a world-class event that enhances Savannah's reputation and brings entertainment to film buffs and education to film students.

Music Festivals

Savannah Jazz Festival

Experience one of the greatest forms of music in the Savannah setting during the Savannah Jazz Festival. It's one of many music festivals held every year in the city but it should be a top priority of any music lover.

The Savannah Music Festival: More Than Just A Festival

A truly unique music festival in a unique, charming city! The Savannah Music Festival has been called "A showcase of music for every stripe" by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and one of "the top music festivals in the world" by USA Today. It's something you must hear to believe!

Food Festivals

Cultural Festivals

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Savannah is famous for its annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration. The city's Irish community started the first parade back in the 1800's and now the charming city of Savannah hosts one of the biggest celebrations in the world to commemorate Saint Patrick!

First Saturday Celebration

For years the First Saturday of every month marked the occasion of fun on River Street with food, live music and arts and crafts. Recently, the city's celebration of the first weekend of the month has expanded to include things to do in Savannah on the First Friday of every month too!