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The Savannah Bed & Breakfast Experience

The city of Savannah is known for emanating the true essence of southern soul.  The area offers amenities swathed in both history and indulgence. Travelers, when seeking accommodations, should expect the kind of sensory experience offered by the many local Savannah Bed & Breakfasts. Choosing to stay at this type of Inn adds value to any escape by intimating an environment enveloped in culture and variety.  Comparably, those seeking a relaxing vacation can be assured that the quiet ambience of a B & B will offer lullaby moments from the large front porch with rocking chairs to specialized amenities such as a home cooked breakfast.

Bed & Breakfasts value charm above all else, so, whether a guest house, a Victorian style home or a carriage house, these Inns grant the opportunity to experience the perfect blend of luxury and heritage.  Wrought iron gates, fireplaces, balconies and cozy corners contribute to the fantastical stay a B& B can award.  Some folks are beckoned because of the slow moving temperament emanating from these retreats and some because of the nuance.  In either case, dedicating time to slow down a bit is a worthy aspiration.

When spending time here, a restored home in the historic district may inspire a sense of relaxation that quickly minimizes the effects of a daily routine.  Waking up to the smell of bacon on a griddle and homemade biscuits in the oven will surely place a smile on the face of anyone nearby.  Imagine the lazy walk towards the dining room, stopping briefly to notice the local artwork on the walls. Happy chatter fills the hallway from the handful of others sharing this time at the Inn. Visually stunning, the place is filled with antiquities. Wooden floors and ageless staircases contribute to its beauty while gas lamps and iron fixtures detail the place.

Upon arrival to breakfast, the dining experience is sure to either inspire memories of home or open your eyes to a new-fangled encounter.  Other visitors flow in taking their seats at family style tables.  Inn keepers are both attentive and interesting.  Blending a sometimes diverse group in a relaxed atmosphere escalates the potential for special interactions and meeting others can easily lend to exceptional conversations.  And then, there is the food!  Glorious homespun concoctions such as homemade jam, flap-jacks, fresh eggs, and breakfast casserole are likely menu items.  Be sure to gather sustenance as a day in Savannah is filled with intrigue you don’t want to miss!

Another noble element is the outside space, notorious for serenity.  It is conceivable for any Bed & Breakfast to have an established front porch adorned with rockers and swings, a balcony overlooking a quaint garden or a veranda framed in ivy.  Curling up with a book or a soothing drink and allowing yourself to take in the surroundings from this vantage point is surely good for mind, body and spirit.  A favorite pastime of the Bed & Breakfast guest is watching passers-by and goings-on from these outdoor nooks and crannies.

Neighboring the warren of Savannah Bed & Breakfasts are a plethora of activities to include tours, galleries, shopping, wildlife, food, pubs, museums, shows and such. The surrounding downtown features cobblestone streets, walkways and waterways.  Home to century-old shade trees, the town was built for strolling!  Savannah has been named one of America’s finest “walking cities” and boasts miles and miles of energizing sites.  From the world renowned architecture to the eclectic cuisine, the streets are ensconced in variety.

The experience of walking a city is both exhilarating and educational.  Scott Bricker, director of America Walks, says “Your brain functions quite differently when you walk”.  The benefits of putting one foot in front of the other are not limited to health but contribute to the minds expansion as well.  This particular area promotes this theory utilizing user-friendly walkways, parks, landmarks and views which make for the best exploration.  With an average yearly temperature of in the low 70’s, this town is ideal for planning a vacation sans the vehicle.

Envision a labyrinth filled with the sidewalk cafes, churches entrenched in legacy, and buildings flanked by gargoyles and lions in a protective stance.  All along the way, no matter which path you choose, lies the chance to set adrift of the most well laid plans.  Afternoon tea, an impromptu spa treatment or perhaps one of the several fascinating tours will rouse a change in the day’s selection.   An additional perk of staying at a nearby Bed & Breakfast is the flexibility of quickly returning for an afternoon rest after meandering along for a few hours.

Attractions of the “Hostess City” number in the hundreds and include activities designed for afternoon and evening such as tours and showings at renovated theaters.  Nightlife is also abundant with ghost and zombie tours, pub crawls, dance clubs, cabarets and old style breweries.  The music scene truly comes to life after dark with local artists and well known entertainers at the nearby venues.  An interesting spin, day or night, is the attention-grabbing tour “crawlers”.  These bikes, built for 15 people, move through the city offering a wide variety of tour themes to accommodate bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, family outings and other celebrations.  All of these options are laid out on the easily maneuverable grid fashioning Savannah’s downtown.

A recent Bed & Breakfast guest says, “You could explore here for a long time and not run out of new places to eat, or new stories to hear.”  For the scholarly traveler, a B&B can offer immediate return by showcasing historical perspectives and little known facts about a region.  For the traveler looking for rest and relaxation, the B & B combines the two beautifully. And, for pet loving travelers, there are a remarkable numbers of Inns which are pleased to host furry family members.  So, you see, a Bed & Breakfast escape can be designed for anyone!

Of the over 40 Bed & Breakfasts this city boasts, all commit to delivering a blend of antiquity and contemporary.  Many offer private baths and turn down service as well as having plush common areas.  Accommodations can range from a modest $70 to a more luxurious $250 per night but no matter which B&B you eventually choose the combination of the quaint stay and the grand town will not be soon forgotten.

Savannah Georgia Bed & Breakfast Listings


Inn At 909 Lincoln
909 Lincoln Street
91-238-8628 ‎
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Joan's on Jones Bed & Breakfast
17 West Jones Street
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The Columbia Square Inn
125 Habersham Street
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The Gastonian
220 East Gaston Street
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Catherine Ward House Inn
118 East Waldburg Street

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Ballastone Inn
14 East Oglethorpe Avenue
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Park Avenue Manor B&B
107 West Park Avenue

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The Spanish Moss Inn
425 East Bay Street
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Olde Harbour Inn
508 E Factors Walk
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East Bay Inn
225 East Bay Street
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Azalea Inn and Gardens
217 East Huntingdon Street
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Forsyth Park Inn
102 West Hall Street
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1895 Inn
126 East Oglethorpe Avenue
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Kehoe House
123 Habersham Street
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Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn
117 West Gordon Street
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