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OLD Neighborhoods

Downtown Historic District

The most prestigious Savannah Georgia Real Estate includes the downtown Southern Mansions, Victorian Homes and Row Houses found in the Landmark Historic District. More than 250 years ago, our city's founder, James Edward Oglethorpe, imagined the citizens of Savannah coming together around the town squares. While only four original squares were established in 1733, that number has grown to more than 20 over the centuries and today beautiful homes surround our town squares which feature towering oak trees, hanging spanish moss and monuments celebrating Savannah History. Among the most valuable Savannah Real Estate are these homes surrounding the squares. You are invited to consider making this beautiful history the view from your front porch, balcony or living room window. [See Downtown Properties]

Luxury Savannah Real Estate

Luxury living in a beautiful home also requires location, location, location! There are few places as wonderful to settle into the home of your dreams! Many of the homes located in our downtown district qualify as "Luxury" real estate but there are also many other wonderful Savannah homes to see in Ardsley Park, at The Landings and in exclusive communities such as Westbrook. 

Victorian District

Just south of Savannah's Historic District is the Victorian District. After the original colony settlement, this was the first area of "expansion" after Savannah began to grow beyond its original boundaries. Over the last decade, this has been a great area for finding homes for restoration. It's popular among singles and young families.

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Ardsley Park

Ardsley Park is a quaint and highly sought after neighborhood in midtown Savannah. It's convenient to both downtown and the south side. It's history dates back 100 years to the early 1900s. Lovely parks and lots of trees to provide shade from the summer sun are a hallmark of Ardsley Park. This is a great family area and its convenient to the business and culture of downtown Savannah as well as the shopping malls on the south side. Homes in Arsdley Park are among the most sought after Savannah Real Estate. Learn more about Ardley Park Real Estate.

Isle of Hope

Isle of Hope is a purely residential community located east of Savannah. Live a truly beautiful southeastern lifestyle at Isle of Hope.

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Tybee Island

The seaside town of Tybee Island, Georgia is less than 20 minutes from downtown Savannah. Despite the development boom of the past decade, Tybee Island has retained its small town charm. It's the beach of choice for most of southeast Georgia as a vacation destination with its abundance of weekly rentals and oceanfront hotels.

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West Chatham County

Pooler and Bloomingdale are two small, but fast growing "bedroom communities" about 15 - 20 minutes from downtown Savannah. Relatively close to the city and its culture and conveniences, but far enough away to retain the "small town" feel many families are comfortable with -- West Chatham County allows greater freedoms and lower property taxes. Close proximity to both Interstate 95, Interstate 16 and the Savannah International Airport.

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Wilmington Island

Wilmington Island and the surrounding smaller Oatland Island, Whitemarsh Island and Talahi Island are contain mostly residential neighborhoods with some commercial development.  Lower property taxes are also a key selling point for all of the homes here as Wilmington Island is located outside the city limits of Savannah.  When your search for prime Savannah Georgia Real Estate includes waterfront property, Wilmington Island is a great place to consider.  

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