Savannah Georgia Tours

Savannah has the disctinction of being one of the most beautiful cities in North America. What better place to slow down, relax and learn about our history! Local Savannah Tour Guides are ready to take you on a journey through time back to the founding of our city by James Edward Oglethorpe. There are many ways to see Savannah. See many of our city's attractions on a walking tour, carriage tour, or bus tour.

Private Residence Tours

Enjoy Savannah Tours of Private Homes

Touring many of the historic homes in Savannah that are open to the public is something we recommend to all visitors and tourists. But there are three special times each year when private groups solicit local Savannah homeowners in the downtown Landmark District (and other neighborhoods) to open their unique homes. Read more about these exclusive Savannah Home Tours during The Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens, The Downtown Neighborhood Association's Holiday Tour of Homes, and St. Vincent's Annual Historic Tour of Homes & Tea.

So Many Ways to See Savannah

Sometimes you visit a place that leaves an unforgettable impression. Savannah is one of those places.  The Official Savannah Guide welcomes you to our lovely city!  We’ve been a trusted resource for planning your trip to Savannah for nearly a decade.

Savannah Carriage Tours

On a carriage tour you going to have a remarkable experience. Two types are available from Savannah Tour Companies. The group tour where a dozen or so people enter a long carriage is one option. The second choice is the “private carriage” tour which provides a much more intimate experience with both the tour guide and Savannah. These generally seat four and are perfect for couples traveling together but its very common for just one couple to be seen around town in one of these horse drawn carriages that remind you so much of the past.

Savannah Walking Tours

On a Walking Tour of Savannah you’ll have a much more personal experience of how beautiful our town is and how the amazing architecture combines with the natural beauty of the trees to form a mesmerizing experience.

There are generally three types of walking tours available in Savannah.

  1. The first is the typical tour group in any city that can range in size from about a dozen people up to two dozen. These walking tours are fun, entertaining and the Savannah Tour guides who host these tours always have lots of trivia and very interesting stories behind the historic places. People who love to meet strangers and mingle with others will prefer this type of Savannah Tour.

  2. Another type of walking tour is similar but with a smaller group. These are more intimate and typically entail two or three couples (about 6 guests) on the walking tour.

  3. Finally, one of our favorite Savannah Tours is the private walking tour. Sometimes you are lucky and end up on a private walking tour without even planning it during the winter months when tourists -- who still come -- are visiting Savannah in less numbers. There are several Savannah Tour Guides who specialize in giving Private Walking Tours


Savannah Trolley Tours

The Trolley Tour might be one of the most familiar Savannah Tours for both locals and visitors. It’s common to see the trolleys all over downtown Savannah at all hours taking tourists around the squares that make Savannah so distinctive and pointing out famous attractions like Mercer House -- made famous in the John Berendt novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil.” There are two types of Savannah Trolley Tours you can use to see the sights. The first is the Trolley Tour where you stay on the trolley during the duration of the Savannah Tour. Secondly, several companies who offer this type also allow for “on and off” priveleges” which gives you the option to get off at any of the historic attractions and then get back on the next trolley (or any later one as it conducts its Savannah Tour with another group).

Savannah Motorcoach Tours

On a motorcoach tour you have the benefit or being protected from the weather extremes in Savannah which is mostly the hot summers. Our winters are very mild and most vacationers from the north don’t even think Savannah reaches temperatures low enough to be considered cold!

It does go below freezing several times during the winter but its rare if temperatures drop into the 20s. Summer is another matter with upper 90’s the norm for several month combined with very high humidity. Tourists sensitive to weather extremes -- especially seniors -- may find a motorcoach tour of the area the best way to remain comfortable and entertained!

Dolphin Tours

The bottlenose dolphin has been intriguing man in many of the worlds oceans for thousands of years. It seems dolphins are very curious about humans and we certainly are intrigued by them. Take a dolphin tour to grow in your knowledge of this intelligent animal.

Captain Mike's Dolphin Tours

You won't just learn about the bottle-nosed dolphins that frolic in the warm waters off Savannah, you will see them when you book a tour with Captain Mike's Dolphin Tours.