5 Must-See Fountains in Savannah Georgia

Savannah is a must-see vacation if you appreciate a charming destination. One you drive or fly into the city there are so many attractions competing for your attention. Everyone has something they love. Some people travel to lighthouses up and down the coast. Others like to collect knick-knacks of one kind or another.

This list of things to do in Savannah is geared specifically to the traveler who loves fountains. There is something about flowing water that calms the nerves and relaxes even the most tense person. So make plans to stop by each of these fountains scattered across downtown Savannah. Go for a photo or toss in a penny and make a wish.

So here it is — our list of 5 Fountains you must see while in Savannah!

Forsyth Park Fountain

The iconic fountain in Forysth Park is a famous attraction in Savannah as the Statue of Liberty is in New York. It’ll be on the best spots to take a photograph of your family or friends who are with you enjoying your vacation. The best time to take a photo at the Forsyth Park Fountain is early in the morning or near dusk to capture the fountain in the best light possible.

Wormsloe Fountain

This small, ornate fountain is a rich dark green and sits right at the center of Columbia Square. Worth a visit for more photos and its also nearby other tourist attractions such as the Isaiah Davenport House and Colonial Park Cemetery.

Layfayette Square Fountain

All of the fountains are small in comparison to the Forsyth Park Fountain and the one at the center of Lafayette Square is no different. It is noticeably taller than the Wormsloe fountain. In early March, it is not unusual to see this fountain dyed green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day which is celebrated on March 17th. A trip to this fountain will take you near The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, another highlight of Savannah.

German Memorial Fountain in Orleans Square

This one is perhaps the smallest of all the fountains we’ve listed so far. Its just a few blocks south of Telfair Square and within walking distance of City Market where you can find lunch or dinner.

Dancing Water Fountains in Ellis Square

Well its not a fountain you can see but you can see the multiple streams of water that are propelled into the air. This one might be the favorite fountain on our list that kids will enjoy seeing.  There's a lot of family friendly restaurants too that are nearby Ellis Square.  So a trip here right before or right after a bite to eat will make the kids happy.

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