Crawford Square

There's a fascinating bit of history in Crawford Square, which is often overlooked by tourists. Crawford Sq. does rank near the bottom of the list of squares in the City of Savannah primarily for two reasons -- its location and its lack of any interesting monuments.

Crawford Sq. is the farthest from Savannah's hotels and most B&B's being the most southeastern sq. of the Oglethorpe plan. Today its mostly a recreational hub for the young with its playground and basketball court at its center.

But there is something very worthwhile for anyone seeking to understand Savannah's past and imagine life in centuries past. Crawford Sq. is the site of the only remaining cistern that was originally constructed for firefighting purposes. In the first half of the 19th century, after a major fire, cisterns were placed in all of the squares and firefighters were stationed throughout the city's squares. Only one cistern remains from that time and its located in Crawford Square.

Where is Crawford Square in Relation to other Savannah attractions?

Only two blocks from Colonial Cemetery and also two blocks south of Greene Square.

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