Screamin' Mimi's Pizza

Photo courtesy of Screamin' Mimi's. Used with permission

Smart travelers love to visit the best known restaurants and attractions in every city they visit. Really smart tourists and savvy travelers also want to know where the locals go for meals and entertainment. When it comes to finding great food in downtown Savannah, the locals love the pizza at Screamin' Mimi's.

Several reasons make Screamin' Mimi's ideal for Savannahians. It's away from the more touristy areas like City Market and Screamin' Mimi's offers fast service, great pizza, and a selection of other wonderful food including pasta or hot and cold subs.

Once inside you may notice some rather large pizzas either being prepared to enter the oven or coming out of the oven. Screamin' Mimi's is setup so you can watch them prepare everything! Watch the guys toss the dough, spread the tomato sauce and turn the ingredients into delicious food in just minutes.

They make the pizzas big, though! Be warned! The pies can be up to 18" large so don't order a large one unless you have some travelers with you who've worked up an appetite walking through the squares of Savannah and through the city's historic homes.

The Jersey Style pizza slices will fill up even the guys with the largest appetites. Customers love the pizza but the staff and owners of Screamin' Mimi's love making pizza -- and you can tell.

If you are visiting Savannah and planning to tour the Colonial Park Cemetery or Columbia Square -- where the Isaiah Davenport House is -- then you will be just a couple of blocks from Screamin' Mimi's Pizza. It will be worth your while to walk and extra 5 minutes for lunch or dinner (depending on what time of day it is) and experience their great pizza dough made fresh several times per day. The dough is baked along with the pizza sauce and cheese which melts to perfection to become one of the best pizzas you will ever taste.

Screamin' Mimi's is in the 500 East block of Oglethorpe Avenue. Yes, you may recognize the name of the oak lined street -- it's named for Savannah's founder, James Oglethorpe. From Columbia Square you would walk one block south to Oglethorpe and take a left and go one block over to Price Street. Screamin' Mimi's is located in the shopping center at this intersection which also features a couple of other restaurants worth checking out. From Colonial Park Cemetery, just walk east one and a half blocks!

Screamin' Mimi's bills themselves as a "one of a kind eating experience" and after you sample a slice of pizza here or their famous meatballs you might just agree. If it is even possible, save room for dessert. They serve a cannoli that is the best you will ever taste.

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