Troup Square

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At the center of Troup Square is an eye-catching bronze Armillary Sphere that dates back to 1870. It pays homage to the way stars where tracked in the heavens during antiquity. A century before the birth of Christ -- Hipparchus, a Greek astronomer, is believed to be the first to utilize an Armillary sphere for astronomical measurements in the western world. However, in Asia its believed spheres may have been used by the ancient Chinese even earlier.

Regardless of how the armillary spheres were used in the past, the invention of the telescope made the these sphere obsolete. The one at the center of Troup Square isn't going to point you in any direction, except maybe to the nearby Firefly Cafe -- the only restaurant thats on the square.

Troup Square shares a trait with many of Savannah landmarks and highways -- it is named for a politician. Unique only with Washington Square, though -- it was named for a living politician, Gov. George Troup, who was still alive when the square was established in 1851.

George Troup had served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and U.S. Senate prior to his election as governor in 1822. He served one term as Georgia's chief executive and then returned to the U.S. Senate.

Politicians and songwriters don't generally share much in common. But they do in Troup Square. Not only does the square pay tribute to the former governor, but there's also a historical marker in the square celebrating the most famous of all Christmas songs -- Jingle Bells. The songwriter, James Lord Pierpont, wrote the tune during the 1850s while serving as music director of the Unitarian Church that adjoins the square.

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There seems to be something for everyone in Troup Square. Kids love the armillary and dog owners appreciate the dog fountain on the western side of Troup Square. It makes those long walks to and from Forsyth Park easier with a refreshing gulp of water!

Turtles on the bottom of the Armillary Sphere

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