Vinnie Van Go Go's Pizza

There's nothing luxurious about Vinnie Van Go Go's. Just great food -- mostly pipin' hot pizza that is considered by many locals to be the best in Savannah GA. For visitors, a visit to Vinnie's is easy -- it's located right at the west end of City Market.

City Market is already a popular destination for tourists -- especially those staying at hotels in the Ellis Square area. City Market is just west of the square and Vinnie's is located at the far end (across Jefferson Street) right next to Franklin Square.

There are only two rules you need to know before coming to Vinnies -- expect to be filled up with awesome pizza and bring cash. The no-frills eating establishment has a strict "CASH ONLY" policy. They do not accept personal checks or credit cards of any kind. The last thing you want to do is fill up on a large pizza and then be asked to wash the dishes!

Vinnie Van Go Go's is a favorite of college students and downtown workers. Locals love to stop by after work for pizza and a beer. Students attending the Savannah College of Art & Design take break from studying and their art projects late at night to either stop in at Vinnie's or have a pizza delivered.

Most of the seatings is outdoors and its comfortable most of the time. They have a canopy to protect from rain and extreme weather. No frills is about the best way to describe the atmosphere. The seating is white plastic chairs and tables. They put all of the effort into serving the best New York style Pizza in Savannah. The pies and individual slices are quite large so you should come when you are very hungry. What makes Vinnie's pizza so good are the fresh ingredients they put into every slice -- fresh Mozzerella & Parmesan cheese and a very tasty tomato sauce.

There's an ample selection of ingredients for you to choose from -- everything from pepperoni, sausage, ham, and hamburger for meat lovers to broccoli, artichokes, spinach and banana peppers for those who love vegetables.

Pizza is the primary food on the menu but they also have some impressive calzones or go for a spinach salad if you are trying to hold down the calories but out with friends who can't resist a good pizza.

Vinnies is open for dinner 7 days a week and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. They are open late -- 11:30 most nights and Midnight on Friday & Saturday.

Your search for restaurants in downtown Savannah shouldn't go any further than Vinnie's if pizza is one of your favorite foods. A trip to Vinnie Van Go Go's Pizzeria will leave your filled up and satisfied.

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