Whitfield Square

Ample grassy areas in Whitfield Square and a lovely gazebo at its center invite you to one of the most romantic settings in Savannah. Considered one of the top wedding spots in town, it is highly recommended by wedding planners as a possible place to tie the knot. Stroll through the square in springs or summertime and you might be face to face with a bride and groom reciting their nuptials. If you see a large number of chairs that have been brought into the square, you'll know a wedding will soon be taking place. It's hard to declare if Whitfield Square is the number one outdoor wedding spot in Savannah -- but its is most certainly one of the most popular spots to tie the knot. You don't have be planning a wedding to enjoy Whitfield Square, though! Come with a blanket and don't forget your picnic basket and bottle of wine.

Whitfield Square frequently turns up on the people's list of favorite squares in Savannah, Georgia. Both locals and tourists find its setting among towering oaks and the Victorian and Queen Anne Style Homes (built after the Civil War) that surround the square memorable and distinctive.

The gazebo is the notable differentiator for Whitfield Square when its compared to all the others -- each which are primarily a green grass oasis set amid the urban landscape or a history lesson on display with a large monument celebrating a hero of Savannah's past. Other than the gazebo, this delightful square has another distinction. Created in 1851, it is the last of Savannah's two dozen squares.

Even without a monument, history is celebrated in this square. Its named in honor of Reverend George Whitfield, who landed in Savannah GA in 1738, not long after the city's founding in 1733. Whitfield became a local parish priest for a time. He took to heart the admonishment of the New Testament verse (James 1:27) to "look after orphans in distress" and was the founder of The Bethesda Orphanage just outside of Savannah.

Whitfield Square is on Habersham Street. Walking north, this takes you to more squares that should be on everyone's list of things to see in Savannah, Georgia -- Columbia Square, Troup Square and Warren Square. There are a few hotels near Warren Square, so perhaps the best way for tourists to enjoy Whitfield Square is to start at the north end of Habersham Street and walk south.

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