Forsyth Park Fountain

In the shadow of the Forsyth Park Fountain are beautiful figurines

forsyth park fountain

The Wormsloe Fountain in Columbia Square

The beautifully ornate Wormsloe Fountain is a pictureque spot in a popular square

wormsloe fountain in savannah

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

One of the most beautiful Gothic-Style Cathedrals in North America

savannah's landmark cathedral

Downtown River Street

Shop and dine amidst restored 19th century cotton warehouses

Founded 1733 - A National Historic Landmark District

Welcome to Savannah Georgia

One of the most beautiful cities in the world and a wonderful place to make your home or vacation destination. The Historic District of Savannah is buzzing with creativity, art, culture and live theatre and is the perfect place for you to spend a weekend or a lifetime. Many people who visit end up falling in love with Savannah and move here to live in one of the oldest cities in America - a site of many famous Revolutionary & Civil War Battles. Hundreds of interesting sites to see away you including more than twenty city squares, monuments, parks, Historic Homes, Churches & Forts and the largest National Historic Landmark District in the USA!

The Official Savannah Guide is your best source for information on Historic Savannah. If you're planning to visit our lovely city then we've compiled a great list of Savannah Georgia attractions and tours. A vacation of weekend getaway to the "Most Beautiful City in North America," will signify that you need to check out our accommodations to find the perfect Savannah Georgia Hotel.

Discover the Squares of Savannah!

A Planned City Since 1733!
Washington Square is one of the many charming squares in Savannah, Georgia. Our founder, James Edward Oglethorpe, decided to design Savannah around a series of "town squares" where the citizens could come together for social occasions and everyday interaction. Learn more about Savannah's Squares and local attractions.

Visit River Street

Savannah's Waterfront Shopping & Dining Experience
One of the most popular Savannah attractions for tourists is River Street. It's a place to enjoy views of the Savannah River while watching the ships from all over the world sail into one of the busiest ports in the USA plus enjoy the best restaurants and gift shops!

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Getting to Savannah GA

Savannah Georgia Travel Resources

Savannah has a world-class airport. It's proximity to Interstate 95 and Interstate 16 make it easy for travelers to come from all directions. Once you arrive in The Hostess City of the South, getting around town is easy.

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