Luxury Real Estate

Luxury real estate in Savannah can be so many different things! Our charming city with its Landmark Historic District and proximity to so many waterways gives the luxury home buyer a chance to buy a beautiful southern mansion that is hundreds of years old surrounded by other historic homes, churches and monuments that celebrate the pre-revolutionary days of Savannah. Or go with the newest modern home with deepwater dock in a private, gated community not that far outside the city. These are just two of many choices for high-end homebuyers. Let us begin our review of Luxury Homes in Savannah with the city's crown jewel -- its historic district which dates back more than 280 years.

Luxury Historic District Homes

There is really no other place like Savannah's historic district anywhere in the United States. Savannah retains a small town charm and holds a mystique all its own. But it is also host to world class events and major celebrations. Everything from the internationally renowned Savannah Film Festival to the equally impressive Savannah Music Festival bring world class entertainment steps from your downtown home. Also downtown residents are on the front row for Savannah's St. Patrick's Day Parade (one of the largest in the world). The reasons for buying luxury real estate in this part of Savannah are many. Quality of life is important but even more critical is the ability to protect the value of your investment. During the house crash of the late 2000s, homes in downtown Savannah were insulated from plummeting prices felt in other parts of Savannah and around the nation. When you choose a luxury house in the historic district, you are protecting your investment.

Home prices in this highly desired neighborhood can start in the upper 200,000s for extremely small condos and range upwards to several million dollars for multi-story homes that sit on one of the many squares in downtown Savannah. In the summer of 2013, the most expensive home in this neighborhood topped out at just over $4,000,000. There is certainly something for everyone in each price range and luxury properties are within reach after the $500,000 price point.

The Landings

An active outdoor lifestlye including golf, swimming and boating is ready for any homeowner at The Landings. Located about 10 miles southeast of downtown Savannah, The Landings -- now in its fourth decade of being one of the premier neighborhoods in Chatham County -- features 6 private golf courses within its gated community. Simply put, The Landings is luxury at its best for many retirees and couples relocating to Savannah GA.

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