Washington Square

Surrounded by exquisitely beautiful homes in a primarily residential part of Savannah's Historic District, Washington Square displays urban planning at its best and it offers nearby residents and visiting tourists a relaxing spot in a busy and vibrant downtown district.

Washington Square, in existence since 1790, is the city's northeastern most square, just a block from the original eastern border (East Broad Street) of Savannah. Surrounding it are charming residences and one hotel -- The Mulberry Inn, which sits on the northeast corner of the square. The location of Washington Square is away from most other downtown Savannah hotels. The end result is a square mainly enjoyed by locals who walk their dogs or enjoy sitting on a bench to have lunch and take in the lush green grass and plant life.

Washington Square should be seen by tourists who want to gain an appreciation for the differences in Savannah's square system. It is more of a green space than a tourist attraction. There's no large monument in the center of the square or any ornate fountain like you will find in other squares (such as Columbia or Johnson Square). In Washington Square there's a sense of serenity and peace that shows off the beauty of the south with lots of green grass, tall bushes and (in the spring) beautiful tulips and other flowers in bloom.

Washington Square is a Good Starting Point for Tours

Plan your own walking tour from Washington Square -- it is a good place to start a journey through six of the northernmost squares. East St. Julian Street will take you west in a straight line to Warren Square, Reynolds Square, Johnson Square, Ellis Square and finally -- after walking though City Market -- Franklin Square. In each one, you'll learn a bit about Savannah's past and important historical figures from John Wesley to James Oglethorpe.

The Square that Honors a President

The square is named for America's first leader -- President George Washington -- who spent several days in Savannah in 1791 during his famous Southern Tour. His travels took him to many southern towns including Wilmington NC, Charleston SC, Augusta GA and Savannah.

During his time in Savannah, President Washington stayed at a private residence on Telfair Square and while in town he attended worship services at Christ Church. As a parting gift, President Washington gave a pair of bronze cannons to the Chatham Artillery. These guns are still in Savannah and are located adjacent to Savannah City Hall on Bay Street, not far from Washington Square.

A plaque dedicated to Washington Fire Company is on the south side of the square

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